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Z-Geckobrands - Opticool 18 Bottle Cooler

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$ 1,218.00 MXN

Black/Bright Green

Geckobrands - Opticool 18 Bottle Cooler

  • Large capacity for 18 bottles standing up or 36 cans, plus plenty of ice
  • Thick and leak proof insulation for 12+ hours of ice (varies based on use, amount of ice & conditions)
  • Convenient removable liner–use with our without
  • Easy access and full zip top
  • 10"h x 13"w front zip pocket & 10"h x 13"w  back zip pocket
  • Durable tarpaulin material on bottom
  • Premium coated polyester material  for easy cleaning & long-lasting color
  • Padded handle
  • FREE bottle opener
  • Neoprene padded shoulder strap
  • 6.5"h x 10"w  neoprene side pockets

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